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Create simple JSON APIs with GitHub Repository

#1 Product of the DayMay 03, 2019
It's simple tool to make simple JSON API and host them on GitHub Repository. I'm using this tool to maintain my portfolio data. Here is my portfolio website(mohddanish.me) that is build with simple JSON APIs and that API is maintain and build with this tool.
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🎤 Guys Many people want this tool as Open Source and I just take decision in 5s and publish as Open Source On GitHub. https://github.com/mddanishyusuf... https://twitter.com/mddanishyusu... Now, you can contribute to this tool.
Hi PH 👋 I make an tool for making simple and quick API and host them on GitHub. So, I build my portfolio with the JSON API hosted on GitHub Repository with CDN. So, it's fast and easy to maintain the data with this tool. Here is the API I'm using https://raw.githubusercontent.co... And Here is my portfolio: https://mohddanish.me Checkout this tool and let me know your feedback. Thanks
@mddanishyusuf Thanks Danish! helpful for people like me 🙏
@nhuphan0404 Great! You know I build my portfolio content is hosted on GitHub and maintain by this tool. https://mohddanish.me
This looks absolutely fantastic @mddanishyusuf congrats on the launch buddy
@iamarnob6543 Thanks buddy. You are

Great idea to store your information on GitHub directly.


Neat! Store your information on GitHub


Non so far :)

I really like the concept of using GitHub as CMS i am using this to build my new portfolio website Congratulations on the launch 🎉🎉
@achuthhadnoor cool man. And it's open source project. So, you can also contribute now.