Prenuptial agreements, but for roommates

Protect your things from roommates who, for whatever reason, think they own your stuff.

In a few easy steps, you can generate a contract that will help protect you (and your belongings) from roommate drama in the likely event that you split.

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This is so beautifully, usefully, passive aggressive πŸ˜‰
Ben Rosen
VP Creative
Hey PH! πŸ‘‹ Today we're launching a truly awesome product to help protect you from roommate disaster. They say 50% of marriages don't work out...so renting an apartment with a total stranger is destined for disaster. Apart is the world's first prenuptial agreement for roommates. We've made it ridiculously easy to generate a simple, yet effective contract in under 10 minutes. We'll be on PH all day and would love to hear any feedback // questions // roommate horror stories that you'd be willing to share πŸ‘€ - Ben

I've definitely strained friendships when living as roommates, everyone just gets so territorial.

This is a good way to ease that tension early on. Or just to be really passive aggressive =P


If you've had roommates, this is a no brainer.


Can I use this on my romantically inclined roommate too?