Apache Airflow on Astronomer

Write and deploy custom ETL pipelines in Python


Our managed Apache Airflow includes one-click DAG deployment through our Astro CLI, access to our library of hooks and operators, serverless worker scalability, and professional support.

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Data Scientist, pmc.com

Really love airflow - have played with lots of tools out there from cloud based providers to other open source tools in same space. Airflow really appeals as great community, very active development and lots of best practices baked in.

I always wondered why i could not find many companies offering airflow as a service type products. Astro seems to be the leader here and first off the mark for sure. Also is great that they really buy in to the Airflow ethos and have open sourced a lot themselves.

Being able to plug into their expertise (Airflow is new to our Org) was also really useful and not the sort of thing you can easily get from a product or import into your company.

We are using the SaaS offering and may look at the enterprise as we grow it.

All in all really happy with the product and the team and support from them.

Would defo recommend, feel free to ping me on twitter if you want to chat about Astro at all.


easy to use saas setup, great support, open to helping any customizations we needed.


knowing how many workers you need in advance is tricky, some things like key files or other local file stuff need sort of special handling.

Director of Operations | HipLead

Astronomer's greatest value-add is the not having to deal with the devops side of setting up Airflow; which is absolutely a non-trivial task, given the capabilities of using Celery to dynamically spin up/down workers as separate, distinct servers.

This abstraction (and the excellent support we received from Astronomer's team) allowed our Data Science team to replicate the ETL capabilities of tools we were already subscribed to within a few weeks. And with pricing centered around workers, we were able to cut costs when switching over from a per-row pricing model. And since we're now on Airflow instead of a button-click tool, we now have all kinds of flexibility with our data that we didn't have before.

Awesome framework, packaged by an excellent team who truly understands their niche.

Definitely would recommend this to anyone looking for a more roll-your-own ETL setup or just a nice, hosted workflow scheduler.


quick and ez setup, awesome support, transparent pricing


not as simple as button-click ETL offerings (but that's also a good thing!)

Great product


Probably the fastest way to get up and running with Airflow


None I can think of