Astronomer Clickstream

User event data routing for analytics

Capture user events and route them straight to the best tools and data warehouses for analytics.

Priced based on event volume, not MTUs.

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  • Tobias JaeckelCofounder, CTO at

    Easy to get started w/ Clickstream to centralize analytics data, very powerful when adding fully customizable aggregation w/ managed Airflow


    No built-in dashboards for visualizing insights, funnels, etc. but team is ready to propose proven solutions for this.

    Fantastic and very knowledgable team that goes to great lengths identifying customers' needs and making sure to support them. The solution is extremely flexible, hence the need to dig a bit deeper what specific use cases to tackle with Astronomer.

    Tobias Jaeckel has used this product for one month.
  • John LauckCo-founder, Roadtrippers

    Astronomer lets you control and own your analytics data while using tools you already use to query and analyze.


    There are some learning curves when transferring data between schema-less to schema-ful data stores.

    The new UI is the slickest UI in an analytics product ever!

    John Lauck has used this product for one year.


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Ry WalkerMaker@rywalker · CEO, Astronomer
I’m Ry Walker, CEO. We built the SaaS edition of Astronomer as a low-friction, low-cost way to help you ingest and route user event data. Hope you give us a try. But we’re not stopping there… Because one-size-fits-all solutions from SaaS tools often don’t provide enough flexibility, the SaaS edition of Astronomer is a precursor to our forthcoming open and private cloud editions of the platform, which will help savvy data teams gain full control of their data routing stack without having to pay the full price of going it completely alone. Open/private cloud editions are in alpha testing, ping me if you’d like to kick tires (
Dylan Kim@dylan_kim · Co-Founder, Brevitē LLC
I'm the cofounder of an e-commerce company thinking about how to start warehousing my user data. How is your product different than Segment?
Ry WalkerMaker@rywalker · CEO, Astronomer
Hi @dylan_kim thanks for question. If you're just starting, and don't have a lot of monthly tracked users (MTU) yet, Segment may be the better option (how's that for brutal honesty!) Our sweet spot is with savvy data teams inside low MTU monetization companies. They have higher costs with analytics tools (due to volume of their user events) mixed with frustration around lack of flexibility that SaaS tools generally provide — to the point they are considering rolling their own data ingestion platform. Also, we have some customers who must ingest _their customer's data_ for their platform to function, which will become more common in the AI/ML era. Segment isn't really designed with that use case in mind. Because we're writing our ingestion recipes in plain ol' Airflow and exposing the scripts and Airflow's interface to you, recipes can be tweaked or even rewritten for any use case.
Vishnu Vankayala@vishnuvvn · CEO, CustomerLabs
@dylan_kim You should consider, easy and fast to set up without writing any code. Pushes the data into Google Bigquery for warehousing purposes.
Marco Gurnari@marcogurnari · Italian Maker
Looks awesome. Great tool !
Scott Bowler@scotty_bowler · Co-founder
Looks fantastic - do you have any plans to be GDPR compliant?
Ry WalkerMaker@rywalker · CEO, Astronomer
@scotty_bowler yes we're working on it. Astronomer will be considered a data processor under GPDR, so we'll issue an updated Data Processing Agreement (DPA) that complies with GDPR rules, including compliance with data transferred outside the EU. We'll also add new product features to help our customers be compliant when their users request they delete/suppress data. We're also rolling out capability to allow our customers to "run their own Astronomer" as a service in their private cloud; this gives them the option to fully keep their data within the EU.
Scott Bowler@scotty_bowler · Co-founder
@rywalker Thanks for the detailed reply - love the sound of the private cloud
Kevando@kevando_ · CTO, Frameri
Hello Stro, looks dope. Any plans to have a react-native library?
Greg NeiheiselMaker@schnierules · CTO, Astronomer
Hey @kevando_. We haven't talked to anyone using it yet, but this ( should work if you pass as the host.
Kevando@kevando_ · CTO, Frameri
@schnierules Awesome, I will check this out.