Anonymous opinions, vote & view

Thanks @eric3000 for the Hunt! We built Aop to offer people a place to easily express who they are and what they believe. In turn, Aop gives you a snapshot of the views of your fellow Americans. After each vote, you are able to instantly see the real-time demographic data across a number of groups; age, sex, political affiliation, etc. -- already we've learned some amazing insights through the app -- sometimes we have preconceived notions for how people live which are way off. These are the types of moments we hope to create for you with Aop. The current state of social media makes it often undesirable to share with honesty or frequency. Social norms leave many of us without a good way to understand where our views and actions fit into our larger world. We'd like to give you a fun way to share with freedom and better understand the people across America. This is not a social network. There are no friends lists. We are keeping the core functionality dead simple so we can appeal to each generation. We don't ask for your email, your name, your profile picture, or any other items that could ID you. After offering some brief demographic data you are ready to go. We're just getting started on Aop -- and feedback is extremely valuable. Please reach out to me at any time; Thanks everyone!
when will it be available in the UK?
@escapehatchco As you know the UK is unique to the US in how questions are worded and how the regions are broken up. We need someone on the ground there who can help make the experience unique to the UK. We are planning on it. Hopefully, a start by the end of this year.
@kbclauson I'm help to join in for New Zealand Kaben.
@lyondhur that would be great. Let's get in touch.
Great to see the product take life from the early prototype we discussed.
@joshenglish Yes sir. Thanks for your ideas on it Josh!
It's very interesting that your website use black on black.
@huangdun yes, you'll see on that app that we use a darker color scheme. The thinking behind that is based on our heavy use of color animations. We find they "pop" more in this style.
@kbclauson It's really hard to read those title tho.
@huangdun we'll make it better. Thanks.