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This is cool and works well. But it is ironically ugly for being the product of a "premium design agency." 2 minutes and a few small CSS tweaks makes a huge difference.
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@netspencer You are right in fact. Will probably have to change things around a little :)
@netspencer "Before" looks much better, at least in the rectangles shown above. All the type is black (not grey), allowing clear and easy reading, and the fonts are larger as well. Even with glasses, the "After" sample is not readable at a glance. Excessive white space is fine when type is readable, but is wasteful when type could be larger. Don't forget that grey type must be displayed larger than it would be if black (not smaller!) in order for it to be more readable. I _do_ like the "Anymail finder" in lighter type, but that may be because it's still black :)
Added to my 'Tools to find people's emails' collection: http://www.producthunt.com/anuja...
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@anujadhiya thank you for this collection
Hello there, I'm the owner at Thrust Division, a web development agency in London. I created this little tool as something to use on my own, and thought I would share it with the world for good spirit (and, I'll admit it, a little publicity...).
@giordanobd Hi Giordano! Curious, how is this different from Norbert? I just used Thrust and it gave me several different results for my query whereas Norbert only gave me one result for the same query. So that's one obvious difference. Are there any other differences?
@joshmuccio Hi Josh. Quite frankly I'm not sure how Norbert works. I tried it out on myself and didn't come up with anything, whereas thrust/mail works with my own domain (and most google apps domains). It's true that it gives you multiple results sometimes. It doesn't choose one for you, but gives all the ones that exist, so I guess you have to use common sense to determine which one it is. I put a link for facebook and twitter that performs a search for that email address. So if the “target” comes up, you got the right email. There is no an official API way to look up an user by email unfortunately (?)
@joshmuccio Hello :) I'm the maker of VoilaNorbert. Just wanted to let you know Norbert now display all the alternatives found, not just the first one.
@giordanobd Nice tool, welcome to the email finding community :) I tested it with my name (cyril nicodeme on reflectiv.net) and wasn't able to get any results whereas two were found on Norbert. I believe there is a few issue in your code you might want to check :-)
@cx42net Hi there, thank you for the welcome! Not sure why it doesn't find your email, quite frankly. But Norbert doesn't work with my email either, so maybe we can have a chat and improve both of our codes :)
@arturmakly Didn't know about that one, thanks. Another useful email finder is http://www.emailbreaker.com/
@arturmakly That one looks great too. I wish they used some kind of heuristic to get around catch-all domains. (It seems like many of us have it set up with a catch-all account to catch when people make typos in email addresses.)
@arturmakly I found Thrust better when I tested my own name. Somebody already had "philip" at one domain, so I have "pthomas" there - Thrust showed both "philip" and "pthomas". Voilanorbert showed just "philip", which was technically incorrect.
@arturmakly @philipithomas We pushed a new version on VoilaNorbert that now shows all the emails found, not the first one :)
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@ryangum Great collection!