WiFi mesh network of smartphones

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Max Wammes
@mewammes · Designer & Developer – Eager to learn.
Reminds me of the last couple of Silicon Valley episodes, really interesting!
Joon Kee Park
@joon_kee_park · Student @Stanford, Operations @Anyfi
Hi Product Hunt! So excited to be here! Thanks @jack7Kim for hunting Anyfi! Everyone hates bad WiFi and expensive data plans, so we decided to do something about it! We're imagining a world where everyone is connected, not in any traditional sense, but connected through the communities of everyday people. Data is expensive and inaccessible in many part… See more
Jack Kim
@jack7kim · Founder @ Duo AI
Cool concept of using smartphones as dynamic, mobile WiFi routers. Could see a lot of potential for it to be used in developing regions, large venues, and populated areas. Could this be the future for all WiFi?
Avi Barit
Just a thought. So could I theoretically turn my old phones into eero like devices for my home using this app?
Marko Korevec
@mkorevec · Solo Web Developer :)
What about the abuse? What I mean by abuse if one of the nodes is hogging most of the resources, what about privacy? If somoene was to pirate on one node who'd get blamed and etc? Other then that pretty neat idea, seems to be rather well executed I wish you the best of luck!