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Reminds me of the last couple of Silicon Valley episodes, really interesting!
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@mewammes Thanks a lot Max!
@mewammes what part?
@do_kwon the part where they make an app that connects phones to make a better internet because 'everyone has a phone' and they can be used to improve connection, speed and security.
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@mewammes Did not know this. Appreciate the good info. A bit behind on my TV binge watching ;)
@mewammes @do_kwon I thought the same thing! Check out Eero's branding and messaging - it's super well done and topical. 👋
Hi Product Hunt! So excited to be here! Thanks @jack7Kim for hunting Anyfi! Everyone hates bad WiFi and expensive data plans, so we decided to do something about it! We're imagining a world where everyone is connected, not in any traditional sense, but connected through the communities of everyday people. Data is expensive and inaccessible in many parts of the world, and WiFi is limited by small coverage areas and congestion. All the while, smartphones are becoming ubiquitous and the main source of accessing the internet. Anyfi shares WiFi connections among devices so that even devices out-of-range can connect. The user device automatically connects to nearby hotspots created by other devices, and shares its own connection with others to create a WiFi mesh network of smartphones. We’re offering it as an app and an SDK. With a critical mass of Anyfi users in a community or venue, the internet can be accessed by all! We will be announcing several blue-chip launch partners in entertainment, public transportation, and telecom in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. Our team will be available here all day to answer any questions you may have. We’re really looking forward to your feedback!
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@joon_kee_park @jack7kim nice! interested in learning more about the SDK. Do you have any add'l info or a link to grab it?
@jbschaff @joon_kee_park @jack7kim Hi Jared, thanks for your interest! We're a bit swamped with our launch at the moment, but if you drop me a line at do@anyfi.io with a short explanation about your desired use case, I'll forward you the necessary info.
@do_kwon @jbschaff @joon_kee_park @jack7kim @anyfi I'll love to hear more about the SDK too, which Frameworks does it support?
@kelset Android and iOS (Beta). Send me an email at do@anyfi.io and I'll make sure to keep you in the loop.
Cool concept of using smartphones as dynamic, mobile WiFi routers. Could see a lot of potential for it to be used in developing regions, large venues, and populated areas. Could this be the future for all WiFi?
@jack7kim I think large venues would be the killer application for this. If we could somehow couple all LTE connections as well, then we would be cooking with fire.
@shenanigrins @jack7kim Look at Qualcomm's recent research into LTE Direct. Would be perfect in combination with Anyfi. If you have particular venues in mind, then suggest away!
Just a thought. So could I theoretically turn my old phones into eero like devices for my home using this app?
@tirab Exactly, we're currently optimized for Android (5.0 and up) but stay tuned for updates on iOS, Windows, and Mac!
@joon_kee_park Flipping awesome! And another question. Is this just enterprise facing or do you plan on building apps so that home users can take advantage as well?
@tirab We've launched an app on the playstore- the download link is in the "get it " button. Home users can definitely take advantage of it (if they have more than one smartphone)! Thanks for the support!
@tirab Yeah, it's like eero, except it costs you zilch. Enjoy :)
@tirab @do_kwon explained to me that "Data is a human right". Hopefully with Anyfi it will be! :)
What about the abuse? What I mean by abuse if one of the nodes is hogging most of the resources, what about privacy? If somoene was to pirate on one node who'd get blamed and etc? Other then that pretty neat idea, seems to be rather well executed I wish you the best of luck!
@mkorevec Thanks Marko! You can read more about the specifics of our tech on our website (https://www.anyfi.io/en/features/) but rest assured we've loaded up with security protocols (Bilateral Authentication, End-to-end Encryption, Robust Layer-1 Encryption, WPA2/PSK, and more!)
@mkorevec So you raise some legitimate concerns, which are twofold: bandwidth division and security. Counter-intuitively, relaying traffic for peer devices can actually improve throughput on your own device. This is because you can control when the peer device sends traffic instead of having its traffic collide with yours. This is called "packet synchronization," and this link gives a nice little primer: https://www.slideshare.net/techm... In any case, we do throttle bandwidth (around 15Mbps) so that no single device can hog all the resources in the network. As for security, we do have some nice properties such as end-to-end encryption in the P2P network, so that relay devices cannot compromise the integrity of the traffic. Ultimately, we do want to offer VPN server functionality as a premium feature so that all traffic is truly end-to-end. Seriously, seeing is believing. Try out the Anyfi demo app from the Google Play store, and you'll be able to see what works and what doesn't ;)