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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 02, 2017

Unlimited free disposable email addresses.

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I like the idea. Good alternative for services like 10minutemail.
Nice service! I wish I had used something like this and my email inbox would have been a nice place. Such a service does carry a risk though. If the company managing this was to go out of service, I will be in trouble if i ever have to recover a password or anything that requires the email to still work.

Working good!


No ads.



In my opinion, this is a very good service to use on daily basis. But the best thing is the absence of ads.
Good service. What about privacy? Is anyalias saving emails?
@sarperrkaya Thanks. We care a lot about your privacy and that is why we delete all emails from our servers right after they have been forwarded successfully.
@sarperrkaya @aviv_alfasa what about before that? Do you scrape the email or retain any info?