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Hello everyone! I'm one of the co-founders of Please let me know if you have any comments or questions. We've rebuilt a lot of things to make the best life management app out there and we're especially excited about the list sharing (!) and team collaboration piece in this new release. Other things we improved/changed: - All new material design upgrade - Updated navigation flow - Android Tablet support - Improved sorting - Enhanced synching - Whole new webapp - Would love to get your feedback and thoughts on our updated product! Happy'ing!
@omerperchik Congrats! Looks hot.
@filipmares Thanks man! :)
@omerperchik It's very clean and usable. After trying around a dozen to-do apps, I settled on I especially love the recurring tasks feature. Great work!
I hate comparing, but I'm about to. I'm part of the @Complete_App community and am a fan of how random people help me with my daily chores. I didn't think I would be but, apparently, I'm social and some random like from a lady in Mississippi makes me want to finish my run in San Francisco. I've used version 1 of your product, and Asana, and others and fall off, mainly because I went back to my sticky notes and notepads. What's the core of the product that'll help me get things done better than just a notepad which is what I was using before?
@Complete_App @cyrusradfar the workflow of assigning and sharing tasks does look pretty complementary to real human behavior, particular the one where he gets the grocery list
@Complete_App @jonlee108 I appreciate your response but I was trying to give their team an opportunity to compare the offerings so I could decide! Sadly, they just post, rally votes and run.
I use an alert for one alarm only daily, and I know exactly what time it is every day (and thus what I am supposed to do) based on the buzz sound alone. Heard about the app word-of-mouth on Facebook.
The mobile app is great and good for personal tasks arrangement. The web version is a bit poor. If the web version would be improved, I may consider pay for it for work task management. So far I use Todoist for work.