Anxiety Reliever

Overcome anxiety and live a more peaceful life

Anxiety Reliever is an app built to help people overcome anxiety and live a more peaceful life. Even if you don’t have anxiety, you can use Anxiety Reliever to calm down, sleep better and live happier. Features: First ever insightful Anxiety Tracker, Calming Audio Sessions, Supportive Messages and Helpful Tips. Every feature was built by us with love and care to provide you with the best user experience possible. SESSIONS: Calming audio sessions will help you to overcome anxiety and live a more peaceful, mindful, positive life. Listen to these recordings whenever you’re feeling anxious, stressed, depressed, worried, upset, tense, or need support and encouragement. TIPS: If you are struggling with anxiety right now, take a deep breath and start reading these tips. They will help you to calm down, teach you how to handle anxiety and stress, and inspire you to transform your life. Tips are divided into four categories: anxiety, negative thoughts, you and life. TRACKER: Very important part of overcoming anxiety disorder is understanding what triggers your anxiety and noticing progress, so we’ve built tracker to be your perfect daily tool. With this data, you can make a more thoughtful analysis of your mental state. MESSAGES Receive positive and uplifting messages from the AR Team to support you during the hard and challenging times. We believe that kind and loving words have the power to change a person's day! Often, those who have an anxiety disorder feel that they are alone, nobody understands them, and there is no hope, and we want to give hope and help those people. We truly believe that Anxiety Reliever will change lives. It's free for download and offers very affordable in-app purchases ($9.99/a year (0.83/month).
@madeline3479 It's great to see more tools for managing mental and emotional well being. As an fyi, the App Store link from your homepage is broken at the moment.
@israelvicars Thank you. We have not launched the app on App Store yet. It's going to come out in 2 weeks
IOS is coming out in 2 weeks and Android version is out now on Google Play
@madeline3479 tell us the story here :)
@bentossell Thank you for reminding me.
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