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Quickly see the value of your PR coverage in analytics

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Would be good to see more examples of this in action on the landing page :)
@bentossell good shout. That table graphic is the output you get. You paste in URLs and it produces a simple version of the referral report (but filtered to the URLs you add). Aim is to cut out PR people getting put off from logging into Google and having to learn how to filter to get to the data on their coverage.
@garydpreston I would have to second @bentossell suggestion. I think a nice gif/video would be really good to see it in action. having said that this does intruige me as we are about to hit it hard with PR for our new SwiftSocial platform, so this could be handy! :-)
If this cuts through GA to the 'need to know' PR KPIs, it'll save time and can be presented to clients without much explanation. I'll test it by asking one of my clients to connect it up (as I don't have admin rights to his GA). I like the idea.
I'm going to try this out. Doing my own PR for the first time with our current project and definitely learning a lot. While I am pretty familiar with analytics, I'm very interested to see if this makes my life easier.
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