Annual Plan

Track your annual goals.

Annual Plan is help track your annual goals.

1. Set annual goals.

2. Split the target into several small goals and place them in each month.

3. Make Live Photo, set to the lock screen, view it at any time, and motivate yourself.

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Hi, Product hunter's friend. I started this because I set goals every year, but it was difficult to finish before the end of the year, so I hope to break down the big goals into many small goals and put them into each month. I hope this app can help you. If you have any feedback on this app, please let me know. Twitter: Email:
Nice mate, is it possible to set a goal for every 3 months and not a year?
@pasquale_gallo Hi, You can set a small goal to 3 months.
Hey, this is interesting! Are you only selling at App Store US? I'm trying from my country but I can't seem to find it :(
@crystal_paruntu Hi, this app in all regions, so maybe is App Store issue. You can try open in Safari.