Annotate by Driftt

Capture an image or idea, mark it up and share on your phone

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Marshall from Driftt here. Happy to answer any questions y'all have!
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@marsh Yo dude. Love this. It's crazy how hard it was to do this simply before without the bloat of a bajillion photo-editing tools. How'd you decide on the system font, though? Would you consider making that editable for us typography nerds in the future?
@marsh have you found a common use case? Design teams, organic/social interactions, etc? Curious which is more frequent - personal/professional.
@maxbulger Wassap Max! Thanks man, we are really striving to keep things as simple as possible and keeping bloat out. Different fonts is a great idea. What are some ones you'd like to see?
@trenthazy Howdy Trent. We are trying to create a tool that is useful in both contexts. We have seen realtors describe spaces, designers explain UI, and kids joke around. Now that we are in the app store, I am most excited to see the inventive ways people decide to use it. I guess that's the fun of an open-ended product like this one.
@marsh I would love and use Annotate everyday if it had a censor bar annotation (either a solid rectangle or the blurred pixel effect). Pinpoint/Bugshot has the advantage over you, but it only allows marking up screenshots, which is a big disadvantage for them. I don't know why, but I frequently find myself needing to censor sensitive information in photos before sharing them around with other people. Cheers on shipping!
I've been using Annotate while it was in early access and it's the fastest way to take a photo or screenshot on mobile and mark it up for sharing with others. The interface is pretty awesome too! Saves me a ton of time while I am on the go. Reminds me of how I used to feel about Skitch.
Just downloaded this and gave it a spin -- it's exactly what I've been looking for, super easy way to share design inspiration with the team, love it.
looks like a solid replacement to skitch for ios, missing a few options to modify colours after input and having more colours and shapes.
It's been way more efficient to use this app than similar apps. We are moving homes and this app has been incredibly useful in communicating dimensions and specifics for furniture and appliances.