Finally a stuff-tracker with smart notifications

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@joshreeder - I'm a big fan of these "stuff-trackers". They've made my careless roommate's life much easier. What makes this one different from the rest?
@andrewmettinger The technology part is huge. I am sure if you have ever used any Bluetooth product you know how painful pairing and connections can be. It's very hard to trust something that you don't believe will keep working. ANKR came up with a new approach using beacon technologies which means there is no pairing or connecting in order for it to track stuff and it works even if you restart your phone or force quit the app! No other tracker can claim that. We knew the best way to keep from forgetting stuff was notifications, but those are impossible to perfect with Bluetooth connections that's why Tile doesn't do ANY separation notifications. ANKR does notifications and does them better than anyone else. Not only that but we made them smart and contextual and we are spending a lot of time focusing on that. We tried all of the products out there and knew we needed to tackle the core of how these things work and we think we are on the right track and we see a lot of potential for where we can go with this.
@joshreeder By using Beacons, does that mean Android support won't ever happen?
@iambarronroth @andrewmettinger Android does support beacons now, they call their new beacon protocol Eddystone. And beacons did work on Android before Eddystone, but it was not officially supported and not as reliable as iOS.
Wish I had this when I lost my wallet a week ago :P, would have saved me a whole bunch of hassle!
@hellosunschein A friend told me today he left his suit coat on the back of a bathroom door last week and when he remembered and went back, his wallet had been emptied. Getting an ANKR alert a minute after walking out of the bathroom would have saved him.
@joshreeder Hah, also guilty of that! Will definitely be a life savior. Bought one for myself and one for my boyfriend (: Also, just checked the order number - 1337. Even better :D
too cool. Bought 2, will let you all know how it works out :)