Robotic race cars are here

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Anki is the Robotics/AI company that debuted on WWDC 2013, and were voted as one of TIME Magazine's 25 best inventions. Anki is making really great advancements in robotics and they've solved 3 major robotics problems: positioning, reasoning, and controls (see link to Business Insider article). Anki is incredibly fun to play, and yesterday they launched in the UK :-) Interesting article:
@Nivo0o0 interesting that they decided to launch in the UK only. they're not available in the US yet, right?
@_jacksmith @anki has been available in the U.S. for about a year now exclusively through the Apple Store I think the UK launch is the first expansion outside of the States
@Nivo0o0 cool, nice. I didn't know it had even launched yet.
Our family loves the Anki DRIVE. My kids and I (and my wife!) all have a blast playing it. The upgrades, weapons, tractor beam, and the AI is just too cool. Highly recommend this.