Animatic Pro

Amazing animation app on your phone and tablet

Animatic is the best way to create hand-drawn animations. Simple enough for a beginner, powerful enough for a professional, Animatic was designed to offer creators an elegant experience in bringing their ideas to life through moving image.

Storytelling with something like Animatic Pro could be really cool! Why did you build this, and why for phone and tablets specifically?
@kunalslab Thanks! We launched Animatic in January of last year, and instantly, people from all over the world started using it to make amazing animations. We always knew people would create great stuff, but to be completely honest, it was even better than we expected. Our early adopters appreciated the simplicity of the product, which is something we put a lot of thought into, however, they wanted more. To be able to make truly life-like animation with an experience fit for a pro, our users needed a few things, specifically, front-and-back onion skinning, repeat frame functionality, and faster FPS. We have an exciting roadmap of additional things coming down the road to continue to enhance the capabilities of Animatic Pro. Regarding your second question, we built this for phones and tablets because we wanted to be able to animate wherever we are, on the train, in the classroom, at the dentists office, on a plane, in bed, on the beach, wherever. 🌎
Cool idea! i guess, it's mostly appreciated by children and their parents? which audience you were targeted?
@nataborysko thanks! Animatic Pro was made for animators, creative professionals, and beginners looking to learn how to animate. We see pros using it, as well as teachers and educators in the classroom. The product was made to be powerful enough for a pro yet simple enough for a beginner.