Anima 3.0

Create High-Fidelity Prototypes in Sketch

With Anima 3.0 designers can create fully functional, responsive and interactive High-Fidelity prototypes, and it's all done inside Sketch.

You can then share prototypes, and collaborate by having team members and stakeholders actually experience your product designs, rather than tapping on static screenshots.

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Hey everyone 👋 After countless hours and iterations, we are finally happy to announce that Anima 3.0 is here 🎉 Anima 3.0 is the best way to create High-Fidelity Prototypes in Sketch. In 3.0 we focused on 3 things: * Plugin Convenience * Team Collaboration * Better Pricing Model — Plugin Convenience - We’ve consolidated the different products into one product and broken up the workflow into 4 steps: 1. Layout - Make your design responsive using the most powerful layout engine for Sketch. 2. Prototype - Create High-Fidelity Prototype by adding real micro-interactions, animations, input fields, videos and more. 3. Export - Sync prototype to a project and Export HTML. 4. Collaborate - Share your Prototype with your team and gather feedback, all in one place. — Team Collaboration - A new collaboration hub now makes it easy to create teams and share projects. 1. Drafts - Create drafts only you can see before syncing to your project and sharing with your team. 2. Workspaces - With new features such as Workspaces, Projects and Teams, it's easy to collaborate with your team. 3. Personal/Team - Attach Projects to your Personal workspace, or your team workspace. — Better Pricing Model - Trial for Export Code and a new plan for prototyping. 1. Trial - Starting today we are offering 14 days free trial to all features, including Export Code. 2. Prototype Plan - A new plan called "Prototype" at half the cost of "Pro" allows to create unlimited High-Fidelity Prototypes.
@orarbel isn't this pointless in sketch 52?
@orarbel @kerishan Hi Ale, Great question! Sketch Prototype is great, but it has its limitations. With Anima, you can add micro-interactions, videos, real input fields, and much more. Check this prototype for example: https://music-player-sample.anim... Created only with Sketch + Anima :)
Nice work! Excited to see Anima continues to bridge the gaps between design, prototype, and dev!
Can't wait to play with this! 💯
looks awesome! There is nothing i love more than finding cool tools for designers

Great product, I really hope they get their support in line.


Great product, easy to use.


Their support is non-existant. Tried to contact them multiple times concerning billing issues (they billed me more) no answers yet.

Hi Raphael, I apologize for this issue. Please email me at and we'll resolve this asap.