Create High-Fidelity Prototypes, and Export Code.

Available for Sketch and XD.

Need to share a live website with a stakeholder?

Want to release a POC to promote your agenda?

Anima will translate your design to code in a single click.

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Hey everyone 👋 After countless hours and iterations, we are finally happy to announce that Anima 3.0 is here 🎉 Anima 3.0 is the best way to create High-Fidelity Prototypes in Sketch. In 3.0 we focused on 3 things: * Plugin Convenience * Team Collaboration * Better Pricing Model — Plugin Convenience - We’ve consolidated the different products into one product and broken up the workflow into 4 steps: 1. Layout - Make your design responsive using the most powerful layout engine for Sketch. 2. Prototype - Create High-Fidelity Prototype by adding real micro-interactions, animations, input fields, videos and more. 3. Export - Sync prototype to a project and Export HTML. 4. Collaborate - Share your Prototype with your team and gather feedback, all in one place. — Team Collaboration - A new collaboration hub now makes it easy to create teams and share projects. 1. Drafts - Create drafts only you can see before syncing to your project and sharing with your team. 2. Workspaces - With new features such as Workspaces, Projects and Teams, it's easy to collaborate with your team. 3. Personal/Team - Attach Projects to your Personal workspace, or your team workspace. — Better Pricing Model - Trial for Export Code and a new plan for prototyping. 1. Trial - Starting today we are offering 14 days free trial to all features, including Export Code. 2. Prototype Plan - A new plan called "Prototype" at half the cost of "Pro" allows to create unlimited High-Fidelity Prototypes.
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@orarbel isn't this pointless in sketch 52?
@orarbel @kerishan Hi Ale, Great question! Sketch Prototype is great, but it has its limitations. With Anima, you can add micro-interactions, videos, real input fields, and much more. Check this prototype for example: https://music-player-sample.anim... Created only with Sketch + Anima :)
Nice work! Excited to see Anima continues to bridge the gaps between design, prototype, and dev!
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Can't wait to play with this! 💯
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looks awesome! There is nothing i love more than finding cool tools for designers
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Great product, I really hope they get their support in line.


Great product, easy to use.


Their support is non-existant. Tried to contact them multiple times concerning billing issues (they billed me more) no answers yet.

Hi Raphael, I apologize for this issue. Please email me at and we'll resolve this asap.