Angel Match

A database of 50k+ Angels and VCs to raise your capital

Angel Match is a database of 50k+ investors that frees you from tedious process of searching for the right investors for your startup.🌟

We’ve compiled investor names, investment focuses, past investments, locations, company names, and social media links in one place so you can quickly find investors who are best fit with your business.

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Hey Product Hunt! ✌️ Angel Match is a database of 50k+ Angels and VCs to help you raise capital for your startup💰 Searching for investors who are the right fit for your business is an exhausting and challenging process. Manually gathering data by going through every investor's profile on LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Twitter, Personal Websites, AngelList, and email-finding tools is the last thing every founder has time for. We’ve compiled 50k+ angels and venture capitalists in one place, categorizing them by their names, locations, investments interests, past investments, and companies they are associated with. Angel Match provides investor contact tags such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and AngelList along with the links of companies they are associated with. Currently out of 50k+ investors, 43k+ of them have emails. 💵 Personal experience of raising capital: About a year ago, I went through the process of raising capital myself for our Fintech startup called Richie ( and unfortunately we had no one in our personal network who could refer us to investors. So we tried cold-emailing and as a result we managed to set up phone calls with some of the most elite venture partners from FF Ventures, Light Speed Venture Partners, Cherubic Ventures, and the co-founder of a multibillion dollar startup 😰Problems we faced searching for the right investors: Since we weren’t able to find any decent tools that could help us find investors, we’ve searched and built our investor list ourselves using an excel spreadsheet. Jokes aside, it was not fun at all. In 3 weeks of hard work, we gathered the data of ~600 investors with their names, location and emails. That’s when we understood that there must be so many founders who face the same challenge as we did looking for investors. ⚡️Investor database' product we’ve built previously: In June 2018, along with other 3 people, I co-founded Investor Hunt: a database of 40k investors to raise your seed round (turned into 3-4k MRR business). I worked on the marketing side of the product and I spoke with over 1000 founders and C-level executives of startups in various sectors. By listening to their concerns, feedback, and problems, I found that there were some major flaws that Investor Hunt had. I’ve decided to build Angel Match from the ground up with my tech partner Daria Ree, creating a more sophisticated data searching tool and a reworked and improved algorithm. As a result, we have much richer datasets, more investors, more sources to verify the accuracy of information of investors, and better data updating tools. We’ve worked on Angel Match since October 2018 and today we are excited to launch the largest and the most comprehensive investor database that exists on internet. ☝️Note: Angel Match has no association with Investor Hunt, it was independently built and developed from scratch. We will be here all day if you have any questions or feedback!🌟 -Rashid and Daria 🙏
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Great database. Curious about the main differences between this and Investor Scout ( ?
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@dkb868 Thanks! Investor Scout states that they have 45k investors and 30k of them have emails according to their PH post. Angel Match has 50k+ investors and 43k+ of them have emails. We also have extensive data of investor's past investments, company links and social media tags as well as investment focuses and locations.
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This is what I really needed, it's gonna save so much time
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@bennie_williams That's the problem we aimed to solve by developing this product
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@bennie_williams @rashid_khasanov How many fake accounts does this thread involve? 😂 Bennie seems to be from a Zoosk dating blog:
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@rashid_khasanov really useful database. Tweaking the search would be useful. So if you're searching for people investing in certain types of businesses like AI, marketplaces, etc., you'd know why certain investors float to the top. For example I searched for investors who specialise in AI companies and the first result was someone called 'Aileen'. Maybe once you're a paying customer the search/filtering is more flexible, but that would be a key piece of functionality for me to want to commit to upgrade from the free plan.
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@escmikey Thank you! What you are saying makes total sense. On the homepage, we provide a simple trial that has limited functionality to give a little sense about what to expect from our database. But once you subscribe, you'll be able to have a very flexible search filtering based on location, investment interests, names, companies and past investments 🙂
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I have just created a list of investors and now I am going to contact them, thanks to product makers! Wish you all the best


Really usefull platform, easy to use and the database has a lot of information about investors


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