Buddy just added new tools for Android development making it a holistic automation platform for Android apps.

Build and ship your Android app on every push, after an approval, or on schedule. Buddy's powerful workflows let you handle any development stage & scenario.

Enjoy Hunters!

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Hi Hunters, over the past several months we’ve been hard at work bringing Android support to Buddy. We would love for you to take a look and let us know what you think. Here is a guide how to get started with Buddy and Android Continuous Delivery: https://buddy.works/guides/how-b... All and any feedback welcome, thanks!
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Great job!! Any simple way for non tech users to use it ?
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@ayush_chandra Sure thing. Buddy is UI first. The YAML is an option.
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Your design is top notch. How does this compare with Bitrise?
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@joshuapinter Bitrise is a very good solution. I won't make it easier for you :) Try both and decide what works better for you, thanks!
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@simon_szczepankowski Maybe I will... maybe I will. :)
Great job!! Any simple way for non tech users to use it ?