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Did I miss a release date or is it really not mentioned anywhere?
Anarghya Vardhana
Anarghya Vardhana@anarghya503 · Senior Associate, Maveron
@boettges Nexus 5 phones have it now
@anarghya503 True, but let's be honest...that roll-out was a mess.
Anarghya Vardhana
Anarghya Vardhana@anarghya503 · Senior Associate, Maveron
@boettges Roll-out was a mess, actual update is a mess (super glitchy for me at least) :( :(
@anarghya503 I was an Android user since the first hour, but the update policy and promised devices being unavailable (or arriving with a huge delay) in non-US countries, made me actually switch the platform, as for now. Every other year, with the upcoming next major release, it is such a horrible user experience. Google is aware of the fragmentation issue with a huge chunk of the over 9000 devices running Android still being on 2.x and maybe older releases. With Android 5.0 their proposed goal is to unify the platform, again, which is great and would really help. If they needed more time, why did they rush out this release event. Just to release news one day ahead of Apple October 16th event? It is highly underwhelming from a customer's point of view to be presented with empty promises and an unclear schedule. Let's be honest, every news outlet reported about the next iOS release and the new iPhones and a large majority amongst the western civilization, even the non-tech-savvy ones, even those not owning any smartphone whatsoever, will know about it. But go out and ask people on the street about Android 5.0. (insert sound of crickets chirping) A better strategy would have been to release the software, as well as the products all at the same time, globally. And going that extra mile and getting the manufacturers of flagship devices that make up the largest chunk of the market on board (Samsung S4/S5/Note3/Note4, LG G2/G3, HTC One M7/M8, Sony Xperia Z1-3, Motorola X/G and of course the Nexus devices) and have their customized versions as well ready to be delivered. – Yes, it would have been tough, but that most certainly would have made big news, because it would have actually affected the majority of the users that build the 85% market share of the global smartphone market that are Android users.
Anarghya Vardhana
Anarghya Vardhana@anarghya503 · Senior Associate, Maveron
No easy way to get the phone on silent. You need to reboot. Basically all you can do is put the phone on vibrate. Also the @facebook app does not work properly on Lollipop. Keeps crashing. Takes forever to open. Sometimes doesn't open at all.