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It’s cool that they have all the coworking spaces from Belarus represented. I appreciate it since I know it’s almost impossible to find the whole list of spaces for such a small country like ours, where the main way of marketing spaces is through insider channels and it’s hard to get any information, especially in English, if you are out of the “insider zone”.
Hey hunters! 🎄 I’m a founder and designer of andCards Spaces project. On the move between Asia, Europe, and Americas, I always look for nice coworking spaces. Popular directories are alright, but I find them a bit hard to use, especially to find up-to-date pricing and hot desk availability. So together with andCards team, we made andCards Spaces coworking space directory. My goal was to design a simple and easy to use layout. andCards Suite enabled coworking space pages display live seat information and in the future it’ll be possible to reserve right away. Here is an example of PLUS page: Please check it out and share your thoughts to help us make it awesome!
This sounds like a great idea. I'm often travelling in different cities and usually always hunting for workplace. Have a Google Campus card and if you can aggregate such other places in one place would be very helpful.
Thanks Alex @ajmcgr ! That's exactly where we're headed to. I often work at Campus Seoul, and I find it very convenient. We want to empower similar great coworking spaces around the world to offer a frictionless experience like Google for Startups.
@dzhebyan I worked at Campus Seoul earlier this year too. I'd love to find similar workspaces to join so hopefully you guys index them.

Really good app! 👍


Fast, user friendly


No minuses for me