Anaxi Web - For GitHub

Making GitHub the best software project management platform

Anaxi connects all your GitHub projects in one cross-project task management, analytics, and communication platform for better evaluation, prioritization and collaboration. Your data remains secure and inaccessible, even from us. All metrics are computed directly within your device.

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Marc Verstaen
CEO, Anaxi
Hey everyone! We’re psyched to finally release our web application! For all open-source maintainers, all contributors or engineering managers using GitHub to manage their projects, you will now be able to: - manage your large projects using saved filters (which we call reports) - use the full potential of GitHub’s labels, as Anaxi categorizes your label structure “area/networking” as the label category “area” with the value “network” - select which pull request to review based on its complexity - and much more Rest assured that all your information stays safe and secure. Anaxi uses a direct connection to GitHub, so no external access to your data is granted. You can create all types of reports to monitor your issues and pull requests. I’ve had the concept of Anaxi in mind since I left Apple in 2015. It resonated even more with me while I was EVP Engineering at Docker. I was struck by the poor visibility we had from the best ticketing tools and code sourcing tools on the market. As engineers, we built great tools for other departments, why didn’t we build one for ourselves? Try it out, and let us know what you think!!
Vitor AmaralCreator of UpStamps
Hey @verstaen nice product, I am trying to access the website but all my browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge) are saying that the "Connection is not secure"
Nate DavisUI/UX Designer
Ooh this looks cool. Will definitely try it out.
John Lafleur
Co-founder at Anaxi
@_nathanieldavis Thanks Nate! Don't hesitate if you need anything. Would love to have your feedback!
This is beautiful and deserves to develop and continue to work