Anaxi - GitHub & Jira Feeds

Track project events 2x faster with personalized feeds

Anaxi organizes your Jira and GitHub projects’ activities into personalizable feeds, so you can keep track faster without missing a bit. Filter activities as you see fit, and have them threaded by tickets. Your data stays secure, and never leaves your device.
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Like every morning, I woke up this morning with 48 new emails from Jira. 48 is actually an okay day, it could be much worse! And like every day, I spend half an hour going through all the updates. I end up opening a browser page for each ticket I need to have a better understanding of. After that, I have dozens of Jira browser tabs open, and then I go through each one of them, one at a time. This is a loooong process every day. And the worst of it is that when I’m done, I feel like I should be happy about it, but hey - here comes a new update. Does that sound familiar to you too? But maybe, just maybe, there could be a better way... That’s why we built personalized feeds on top of Jira and GitHub. With feeds, you can filter your Jira and GitHub projects’ updates as you see fit. For instance, one feed for the current sprint, one feed for this component you are active on. Then those feeds group the updates by tickets to help you understand at once what happened since your last visit. You can now go to INBOX ZERO 2x faster without missing anything that matters to you. We just launched this feeds feature today and are so excited to share it with you! We’re still at the very beginning of our journey to fix software project management. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to share your insights and feedback. The more heads in this, the better the solutions we will come up with!