The simplest productivity system

Analog is a physical companion for your digital tools that helps you prioritize and focus on your most important tasks.
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Hey everyone πŸ‘‹ I'm Jeff, the founder and designer of I've been working on Analog on and off for several years and am pumped to finally launch it into the world! Even though it may appear quite simple at first glance, Analog has revolutionized the way I work. I've struggled with focus for as long as I can remember. I use digital apps for capturing things, but I needed a way to pull things out of my apps and actually get them done. All of the paper planners and productivity journals I tried felt like extra work, so I’d never get more than a few pages in. I needed something simpler. So I decided to design my own system – which eventually became what you see here today. Would love to hear your thoughts and/or questions. Thanks! - Jeff
Aww this looks so pretty! Congrats on the campaign launch!
@alelepd Thanks! Glad you dig it πŸ‘
Fantastic, unique idea. I love how the card gets propped up so you can see it and don’t forget about your tasks.
I was lucky enough to get an early version of Analog and it's fantastic. So simple. So thoughtful. And a great productivity system you can follow and won't let you get sucked down any social media app rabbit holes πŸ˜‚ . I've been a huge fan of written to-do lists for years and Analog now makes those lists look great on my desk. Awesome job, Jeff!
@jasondoesstuff Thanks Jason! Appreciate your help testing Analog. It's been a loooong time but now we can FINALLY share it with everyone else πŸ˜„