Ampware iPhone Case

Hand crank your way to a fuller battery

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This looks silly but could be very useful for the outdoorsy millennial.
Great idea, especially if you're always outdoors; biking, camping, hiking, emergency disaster relief situation, power outage, etc. where power source is not avail.
If you have elbow grease, you now have battery life
This is hilarious. I can only imagine how many cranks it would take to get to 1% 😳
@dredurr It says 5 minutes of cranking for 1 hour of battery time or 5 hours of standby time. Not too shabby!
I prefer just plugging it in when I need it, instead of keeping it in that case:
@bradenhamm good move! And that way you're not limited to that one device.
@etanrbf Exactly. I often go backpacking with my brother who is an Android user. I have a solar USB charger and he has this wind up charger.