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Hi all, founder of Amplitude here. We've always felt volume based pricing to be bad for analytics culture as it discourages tracking and so are taking as aggressive of a stance as we can here. We're also introducing a new way to think about analytics. Would love Product Hunt's feedback!
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@spenserskates how is this a new way to think about analytics? You are just raising the volume on the free tier. I'm not trolling, I'm genuinely curious to understand your thinking. I've read all the blog posts and still am a little confused about what's "revolutionary" here.
@hnshah @spenserskates Hiten! Glad to have one of the original thoughts leaders in analytics take a look at Amplitude. I would say that offering what's $1000/month on other platforms for free on Amplitude is a pretty big deal! I'd also love to get your feedback on the demo video specifically around Microscope, Behavioral Cohorts, and Growth Discovery Engine, none of which I've ever seen on another analytics platform.
@spenserskates features, especially visualization focused ones are only temporarily good until they get copied by competitors or the market realizes they aren't really that useful. The world doesn't need more reports. If you want to be revolutionary and your platform is truly more cost effective, give away 100% of the analytics for free. Build added-value things that are more difficult for the competition to offer. Nothing you have today is actually very difficult for Mixpanel and others to copy. You won't build a moat with better features or even a free product. What else you got?
@hnshah @spenserskates Figuring out seven friends in 10 days at Facebook made the difference between 1.5 billion MAU and turning out like MySpace. Not sure what analytics has been more added-value than that. We'll be sharing more details about our architecture and why it's so hard in a few weeks. Look forward to continuing the conversation then! We look forward to Mixpanel et al copying us- we're just happy to see data being democratized.
@spenserskates would love to hear about / see actual use cases with your customers getting that Facebook type of value from your product. Still even if it's that good, it'll be copied so with your current approach you are going into a feature race / war. Issues with analytics are structured very similar to any hyper crowded market where resegmentation and bottoms up are likely to win. Mixpanel has already done that in the analytics market. They've also bundled things together as have others such as Localytics. Thus a truly differentiated and unique approach is required for long-term sustainable growth. I look forward to watching how you and your team market, sell and evolve your product. Good luck!
We're also giving an exclusive one time offer of 100% more volume on the free tier to the first 100 people to sign up through Product Hunt. Sign up here:
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Amplitude is giving away 10 million events a month on their free plan. They're also launching a number of other features: Microscope to see the details of any data point, behavioral cohorting to find your "7 friends in 10 days" metric, and Growth Discovery Engine.

I've tried several analytics gathering tools and I like Amplitude most of all. This tool fully covers my needs exactly as I would like.


It is felt that the authors themselves have used a lot of metric gathering services, so they fixed all the shortcomings


I would like to choose the period of data display right on the dashboard