Turn your SaaS customers into social ambassadors

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Amplify turns customers into social ambassadors for product launches..... Customers are prompted with a small, in-app pop-up asking if they would like to participate in the campaign. Customers can customize a suggested message and give permission for it to be automatically posted on their social networks at a predetermined time in the future. Ramen previously used an internal-only version of Amplify for its own launches.... now they've opened it up. i'm an investor in Ramen, as are Naval Ravikant (AngelList), Matt Cutler (Cisco), and Foundry Group.
Thanks @jason! Hello Hunters! I'm one of the makers of Amplify. Happy to answer any questions you have on it!
@jason sounds very interesting can't wait to start playing with it.
Hey everyone, To give you a little more background on Amplify, this is something that we've all had in the back of our heads for a while. It's the kind of idea where you tell other founders, marketers, and product people about it, and where we kept getting "huh... yeah that's awesome..." type responses. While there are other services out there like that allow "group social scheduling" like Thunderclap & GaggleAmp, Amplify differentiates itself in the way it focuses on the product/customer relationship. We've had success internally with a previous version of Amplify, and now we're happy to offer it to you. Let us know if you have any questions! EDIT: A little late in the day, but there was enough confusion around some basic workflow that we threw together a 53-second video demo'ing the functionality:
@angilly awesome! congrats to the team. I think this is a great move - we're seeing side projects as a much more effective form of marketing for a core product and this seems very complimentary to Ramen.
@angilly - really excited to see how this works. As a marketer of a number of apps, we have found that WOM is really the best form of marketing for any size business. The more people share about the tools they are using, the more likely friends and family will explore out of curiosity. I also agree that not everyone is keen on this kind of sharing but even having a small percentage of users participate in a campaign brings solid results and conversions in the campaigns that I have managed.
@fletchrichman you get me :-*
@melissahourigan thx! That last line is key: even low conversion rates on the customer side of things turn into huge multipliers of total social reach.
Great idea! One suggestion would be to vary the posting times as they go out to the networks. If the SaaS product targets a specific user niche, chances are very high a potential customer follows a lot of the same people. If I saw a large group of people sharing the same thing within minutes I would probably think it was spam. Maybe publish the post through a few hours or over a day?
@dswiese yeah we've thought about this. We've even taken it a step further conceptually to include thinking about looking at total reach and doing cohort analyses so that we don't just randomly spread all the tweets out over the day, but we spread it out within each cohort very methodically. Lots we could do here, but we need some more usage on the product so we can get feedback/data and work with our customers on trialling it :)
@angilly as a marketer at heart this is a great idea. From my perspective this will work extremely well for a company that is openly communicating and getting feedback from its customers. So the combination of Ramen and Amplify is extremely powerful and will give the customer confidence to promote via their social handles. Looking forward to learning more.
Not very clear on how it works (checked website too), so few questions: 1. To which social networks does Amplify post? You said "all"... I assume you support a subset only: which ones? 2. Users need to login into all social before posting, and the tool provides that functionality, right? I.e. devs don't have to deal with all those integrations but just to enter the campaign message. 3. Do you send a notification to users to fill this form/login into social or it's just a popup when they open the app? Scheduling the post at a later time is certainly the smart part of this tool, as well as providing the integration with social
@sivola Thanks for that feedback! We'll need to clear that up. To answer your questions: 1. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn 2. That's correct. We handle all the authentication logic with other services. You just edit the message. 3. Right now, we only interact with your customers via in-app notifications.
@sivola we put together a little demo video to explain the workflow a bit better: