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More "verticalization" of livestreaming: - Flex for fitness - Watch Me Work for creatives - Nom for food - Watch People Code for programming - Krue (also) for music Why music, @patricklu10?
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@rrhoover @patricklu10 It was only a matter of time until we saw a "Twitch for music," actually I think some have been tried. Which is not say that it isn't an intriguing idea; I believe it is, but I also think it presents its own set of unique challenges that don't exist in the Twitch gaming community. For example, music is different than gaming in that live-streaming of it will occur on a drastically different schedule; concerts, shows, and even small bedroom sessions may not have the same ability to capture the content as is possible when simply live-streaming gaming. Live concerts in particular are tricky because there are the possible legal and contractual hurdles with and venue or management which might be putting on the show. There is also the added challenge that many musical artists are in bands; that is to say, multiple people, whose schedules need to be coordinated, etc. I certainly think there is a big opportunity in this space for something like this, simply considering certain obstacles which would need to be met and surmounted. I think that live-streaming (and indeed the live dynamic as a whole) is different in music than in gaming. Because gaming doesn't really have the "live show" thing (big demo events excluded), the "live interaction" within the gaming community isn't centered on the same touring aspect as it is in music. In the latter though, especially in the exploding market that is independent music, the live touring factor is key in understanding and capitalizing on how communities are built and leveraged. Therefore, what might suffice in gaming for community cultivation (in this case: live-streaming) may not translate in a similar way to music. Live is only one aspect of community cultivation in music; the others--distribution, discovery, radio, analytics, social, etc.--are equally important in building a holistic platform model. This is interesting though. I'm glad to see people experimenting in this space, and excited to see how new products like this evolve over time! Cool job. :D
@rrhoover @patricklu10 Hey Ryan! When we think of a "place" for gamers, Twitch immediately comes to mind. People can broadcast themselves playing games, and more importantly hang out with their favorite gamers, play games with their favorite gamers, and interact. And when you think of music, there's currently no place like this. One of our early focuses is connecting fans with artists they love. I was just at a music festival where we fans stood in line for hours (and sometimes in the rain too) just for a 30s meet and greet with our favorite artists. Artists love the interaction as well as they can get to know their fans better and build a deeper relationship with them. By building this "place" for music, we believe that we can provide an experience that is much more in depth than a 30s meet and greet. We're early on and still learning how artists use our platform, and audience use our platform, but we've already seen some really engaged sessions.
@adammarx13 @rrhoover @patricklu10 Hey Adam, "Twitch for music" has definitely been tried before. A couple of ones that we saw were Krue (still going?), StageIt, and even UStream. What we're really focused on though is not live concerts. Through our initial early usage, we've seen that live concerts are actually the weakest material on our platform. There's no engagement. Our current focus is really Twitch-esque -- optimizing the experience for people playing music in their bedrooms and stopping to engage with their fans by answering questions, taking song requests, talking about their own lives. And this goes to big bands too. We think of our platform currently as an extended meet and greet on steroids. Imagine talking with your favorite band and getting them to play a song that you personally requested!
@rrhoover this inspired a new collection: Twitch for X 🙏
@jackdweck haha, we've talked about creating one. This is awesome.
love the name --- love the URL! --- great idea --- VR will make this even better.
@samir_doshi Would love to get to the point that we could build a VR portion :)
🙌 cheers for the @chewofficial shoutout @whammes! We were the live streaming platform for music before we focused on DJs - there've been a few who've tried music as a whole (rather than niches/ verticals) but not many have stuck it out. Fingers crossed @patricklu10 + team are successful!
@fatkidonfire @chewofficial @patricklu10 I didn't do a great job though (not linking to anything!) The perils of doing things quickly from your phone :)
AMPLI.FI is Twitch for musicians. it's a live streaming video platform that allows artists to interact and engage with their fans. It also helps them make money with their integrated tipjar and VIP service.
Hey guys! I'm one of the creators of AMPLI.FI. I'll be here throughout the day to answer any questions you guys have and take in any input and feedback! Would love to know how you guys feel about the space and the product (btw if you're online for the next hour, 10am PST, we have @theviolakid on our platform. Awesome Viola player who just graduated from Juilliard. Hosting a practice session and a Q/A woven in for his fans)