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Artificial intelligence music composer


Amper is an artificial intelligence composer, performer, and producer that empowers you to instantly create and customize original music for your content.

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    Don't know since I won't agree to the terms.


    Looks like a copyright trap. Can't use the music for commercial purposes.

    Looks like a copyright trap. Can't use the music for commercial purposes. A fix would be to disclose in non-gated website and mention a license / payment is required for commercial use.

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  • MJ Zuppe
    MJ ZuppeFounder | Business & Tech Consultant

    Quality, customization, speed, royalty free, accessible to non-musicians


    Will replace the comically overused and abused loops you hear on every HGTV show

    This is truly the first stage of the proper execution of this type of product. For production, advertising, and marketing, these teams rarely interface with musicians and download from libraries. This leads to the same ukelele driven tracks with people whistling on almost everyone's pitch and demo video. While Amper does have it's own "sound," it gives the ability to for all sorts of variation so your track is different than the next user. Some professional musicians and jingle-writer-types will be scared of losing their low hanging fruit gigs (which are most common), but the smart ones will see this could even help generate ideas and be a partner in developing song ideas. Well done.

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  • Pros: 

    High level of user control and edibility enabling you to tailor your sound to your content


    Can't think of one!

    When it comes to making music at scale, there really is no alternative to Amper. It is clear from the quality of sound that the software has essentially learned years and years of music theory. The icing on the cake? All tracks come with a global, perpetual use license, so the music is uniquely yours.

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  • Matthew Helbig
    Matthew HelbigVideo Content as a Service

    Quick & simple


    The music (in the free version) just isn't that great.

    MIDI will always sound like MIDI :(

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  • Pros: 

    It addresses a real problem space in the modern creative market!


    Looks like Amper has taken the reigns as the leader in its field -- looking to see how it grows moving forward!

    Human-computer collaboration has been prevalent for decades, but it is finally becoming truly pervasive in the music industry. Kudos!

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