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Thanks for checking out among (invite code: HUNTED). We built the app to offer professionals a way to chat and share with their peers without having to worry about representing their employers or maintaining their public personas. We noticed that industry professionals rarely talk candidly with one another (except for same three folks around the "water cooler"). We're hoping that among can improve informal information flows among professionals. Among is different from other anonymous apps in that it is a genuine mobile message board - it employs threading and users have continuous in-app personas. You might also notice the focus on media sharing. Many users actually like to pick out a relevant industry news piece and then discuss it with their peers. Users can also accumulate peer points to build community reputation. The most controversial feature is the up/downvoting mechanism. A post is cut after five down-votes (hat tip, YikYak). This choice was intentional to maintain content quality on limited screen real estate, and so far people have been using it prudently. We hope you'll try it and would love your feedback!
Hi Christoph - there's no network creation (following, etc.). The aliases work just like they do on a traditional online messaging board.
Cool product - always fun to engage with peers like this.
Innovative way to talk to peers. Somehow I feel that using an alias and creating a network somehow contradicts one another
Very cool product! Is it possible to choose a specific company? If it's for example a big company with thoussands of employee, it could be nice to have a kind of anonymous chat with all the employee :)