Amelia Timer

Simple, beautiful and completely free interval timer

Simple, beautiful and completely free repeating timer. Just a couple taps to set your interval length, break length, and number of sets. No ads, no bloat, just a simple periodic timer.

Perfect for stretching, running, yoga, or any other interval exercises.

It was made as a birthday gift and available totally free for everybody

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Hey Product Hunt. My girlfriend is training for a marathon and does a lot of stretching. She was using interval timer apps that either had way too many features or were really poorly designed. So for her birthday, I made an excessively designed interval timer. It does only the bare essentials you need in an interval timer, but with way more polish than you could possibly ask for. It was a gift, so it's totally free for everybody. No in-app purchases, no limits, no ads. Just totally free. πŸ˜ƒ It's in the app store and called "Amelia Timer" (her name is Amelia)
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@_slinehan This is great! simple and to the point love it!
Good job, I wish your girlfriend had an Android phone :D
This is awesome. πŸ‘ Would love to see Watch support! πŸ˜‰
@_slinehan @jonrojas Agree. iWatch support would be great
@jonrojas Good idea, will see what that takes!
Beautiful app, great in its simplicity
The best products come from creating them for people we care about! Love this so much. This is also perfect for dialing in someone's ideal intervals with the pomodoro technique.