Activate 2click universal checkout in Chrome. 100+retailers

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This is clever, although I don't make enough purchases online for this "problem" to be painful enough for me to think about. Honey (, a chrome extension that automatically searches and applies coupon codes during checkout, should partner with amber.checkout to simplify the transaction and save people money.
This is a problem I was trying to tackle at Stripe with the Stripe Checkout too ( Google are going to bake something similar into Chrome:
@rrhoover desktop web isn't the core problem here but rather, mobile. If you look on the public markets and I put my product hat back on during my Travelzoo days, travel is an area that's increasingly shifting to mobile transactions. Here's a good exercise to see how big the problem is: 1. Go on TripAdvisor's iOS or Android app 2. Find a hotel 2. Try to either book directly or on an OTA (online travel agency) like Expedia or Orbitz. 4. Experience the pain. If something like amber can solve this, it's a *huge* win for the space. Really good to see live, as I was first tipped to the product by @besvinick!
Hey ProductHunt, thanks for the upvotes and comments, we'll be here throughout the day to field any questions you might have. is becoming a platform as more and more app devs start streamlining ecommerce in their apps to increase both conversion rates as well as affiliate revenue. amber.checkout and amberExpress are two products for desktop and mobile built on top of the API that allow you as a user to quickly do checkouts without entering shipping and billing data every time. We're on way to some big announcements down the road and we're excited to see all the ways in which the app dev community is using
@daveambrose - completely agree! I didn't realize offered a mobile solution. I was actually speaking with a friend about this a few weeks ago. I'm surprised Apple hasn't moved more aggressively in this direction. At least Passbook is a start.