Amazon Your Dash Buttons

Tap a button on your phone to reorder products on Amazon

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This is really a great product! Idea: Apple Macbook Pro Touch Bar "Amazon Dash Buttons" App. This will allow for re-ordering Amazon products directly from your keyboard! Thanks for the inspiration! JB.
Idea for Amazon Dash Slack Bot: A bot that takes specific new emojis (dash buttons) as command lines for a link to the amazon product webpage... This way these specific new emojis have a amazon product webpage associated with them. For fun and functionality, assign specific existing emojis as commands lines for links to other amazon products webpages: Ideally these new amazon product page assignments to emojis will be transferrable among Slack & All Forums (FB & TWT). Example: Example #2: I look forward to implementing this with you. Thanks for the inspiration! JB.
Now you don t even need a physical button. get a button online. another genius idea... they just show up on Amazon home page ...i guess soon you ll be able to embed them where you want or even as a homescreen shortcut to your phone...
Amazon launched the physical buttons around April fools (see here) as a way to reduce friction in reordering everyday products, but you still had to buy and place the button somewhere. Curious to hear from those that have used them. This evolution/extension makes a ton of sense.
@rrhoover have to be careful where you put those buttons. I ended up with like 12 cases of water πŸ˜‰
@cyantist if Lacroix, then πŸ‘πŸΌ
@rrhoover i have a charmin dash button in my bathroom (+ a few others but this one I'm most proud of)
@rrhoover of the 3 physical buttons I tried (trashbags, zip lock bags, laundry) the product I set up for initially was not longer available on my first reorder - so I kind of gave up on these for now.
@rrhoover yes this seems great. i am working on similar kinda platform. it makes damn easier for users. you have got the point ryan, that we need to place button my case it would be on home page as i am serving niche market.
Great idea! Just created my own and I love it.
This is much lower friction than both the dash button and subscribe and save. Interesting how much more in control this makes the buyer feel than subscriptions. I never trust subscriptions no matter how accurate they are, and Amazon's are very.