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Amazon's not known for building social products but it appears they're looking at the rise of Instagram-based marketing/selling and Pinterest's new visual search engine (Lens) in this product. Super interesting.
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Are you able to link products as affiliate links? EDIT: You can! See below
@jordanmoconnor The only important question.
I just tested it. You can indeed link affiliate links! But, it's not as straight forward as tagging products. If you tag a product, it shows up right in the feed - and you can interact with it right away. You have to click "See more" below the post to see the affiliate link (or any link you associate with that post). Happy linking! I know what I'll be doing tonight.
Amazon going to war with everyone lol.
Interesting... Pinterest and Etsy should tag team (merge?) as my guess is Spark will only touch stuff that can be bought on Amazon. Crafts/DIY marketplace is different enough that I'd bet Amazon steers clear. Cool move though. If it works, Amazon would get rich consumer profile / intent data even before consumers purchase O.o. I for one hate when I'm targeted products that I just purchased - would much rather be shown stuff that I 'pin' or w/e they'll call it.
@startstorms Hah - I stand corrected! Poked around and it looks like some of the handmade items are available through Prime which I guess means the artisans are also able to use Amazon's fulfillment centers via FBA. No one is safe I guess...
Every single post on there, in my feed, is #sponsored. Not sure what the motivation for a user to remember to go in there is going to be.. unless somehow it is connected to products, like how 'Reviews' work.