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jesus.... if I lived in America, I would be so fat.
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@matthewboyle25 I live here - can confirm that it is easy to be fat.
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@matthewboyle25 American. Can confirm.
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I recently tweeted that I was looking for a list of the food delivery apps so I don't have to pay for another meal in SF. Amazon is offering $10 off first order and Chubby Noodle only costs $9/dish 😋 But if you seriously want your life funded by generous VCs, check out VCFML, shown to me by @benln.
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@andrewett @benln $20 minimum + tax is where they get you
have been using this since April: http://www.wired.com/2016/04/ama...
Typical Amazon trying to have their hands in every cookie jar imaginable.
@itsnblackburn and now they can not only send you the jar, but they'll get fresh cookies delivered right to your door!
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Going to need someone to explain the reason behind all of these food delivery services popping up, some even charging for delivery (Amazon's is clearly free like others). I've been getting my food delivered from pretty much every restaurant in NYC for free for the past 10 years via Seamless. If it's a nicer eatery that doesn't deliver, odds are I'd probbaly rather be served their food in their restaurant rather than out of a tin foil to-go tray in my home
@kristofertm NYC is a special case. The distance between restaurants and homes is usually close. For cities like Los Angeles, delivery can be nightmare with long waiting time and limited selections. Plus, the growth of local driver network makes the delivery prices drop by a significant percent.
@kristofertm Although they say NYC, most of them only deliver in Manhattan (and below 125th street). The whole delivery area is not more than 30 minutes end-to-end I believe.
@kristofertm Moved from NYC to SF. RIP my Seamless dreams. I used to live in Sunset Park and still had delivery options! Not in the Mission, though...
@kristofertm you haven't seen anything yet - wait until you see how the food del apps works over here in China.. every food place on there inc KFC ( they charge 9rmb for del most expensive del ever! until you realise its only $1.34usd lols greedy fkn pigs eh! all others are free or only 3-4rmb 59cents usd for del ) everyone is on the app but just not maccas, they have their own del app. You can get two turkish rolls and a dish of turkish meat and rice del for $2.40usd. for example. plus the apps have specials where they pay for discounts, so a 10" pizza & two bags of chicken popcorn del for $5.08 usd and if you order over 60rmb the app gives you a discount of 45-50% etc off your meal.. same app also used by hotels for booking a stay over, spas, movie tickets you name it. in my apartment building you'll see the del guys from ( 6pm to 9pm ) every few mins come in with orders on their ebikes..