Amazon Rapids

A chat style reading app for kids

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Similar text message style to Hooked (cc @prernagupta).
@rrhoover yes seems rather familiar :) cool to see the concept being applied to a younger demo!
We created a chat based game for kids aged 8-10 last year and we were amazed how much stuff we got them to read just by putting it into bubbles. Normally kids won't read anything that's part of a ‘game’.
School librarian here - don't get me wrong, I think the idea is awesome, but I think some of the dialogue is a bit too high and the humor would be above some children's heads. For example, I chose age 7 and there was a lot of sarcasm. As an adult, I found it quite entertaining, I just think a lot of it would be missed unless an adult was reading it aloud with a sarcastic voice.