Amazon Prime Now

One-Hour delivery in cities across the US

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Barron RothCo-Founder @ The Rotation
Excited to see Amazon enter the space. Already a Prime member, and I'd jump all over this. I've been using the Google Shopping Express Trial for a month now, and I've fallen in love with it in Boston because it lets me avoid lugging groceries home in the cold. The service costs just as much as Amazon Prime though, without the additional benefits.
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Jonathan HowardPart-time CMO and startup advisor
Wow. My Google Shopping Express trial recently expired (and I never really used it anyway). Amazon is my first go-to place for most purchases, so I would love to have a similar service built into my existing Prime membership. Fingers crossed for a trial in SF next!
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Niv DrorVC at Shrug Capital
Amazon just announced Prime Now is now ‘Free’ Two-Hour Delivery is now available in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Antonio!