Amazon Lite

Removes ads, sponsored products and other clutter on Amazon

Simplifies shopping on Amazon. Removes all unnecessary ad's, sponsored products and other clutter.

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Hey all! I made this Chrome extension recently after I found myself bogged down while looking for a dish rack on Amazon. Ad's upon ads, sliders, videos, sponsored products, all clogging up and keeping me from exactly what I was looking for. So I created this app to remove and hide all of that keeping only the search bar for the homepage, products with descriptions and reviews and nothing else!
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@seb88 I'll repeat my answer to you from below: First off, I've never come across your product, but what it claims to do similar things, although I just tried installing it and it doesn't seem to be doing anything different, everything looks the same and still has sponsored posts and ads. And most importantly you seem to be associated with a marketing company (Esquire Marketing) and are collecting browsing data, not cool! I made this for myself and am sharing it here for no profit at all and not collecting any data. We seem to have two very different products
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@radymek worth noting that by using this you're relying on Amazon search results for your product search. These are often gamed by low cost, low quality, Chinese sellers who've given away hundreds of free product for reviews and high rankings (a huge ranking factor on Amazon is sales velocity which is easily gamed by giving away huge volumes). Sometimes the only way for new (usually better and higher quality) brands/products to be seen is to pay for the ads.
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@iamjustinm Hey Justin, I agree with you that we have no fool proof way of knowing whether or not the reviews are legit but I’ll take them over sponsored content that anyone can submit. The whole point was to have people that are looking for a specific product / brand to be able to find them immediately without having to navigate past sponsored ads Thank you for your reply!
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@radymek Is there any way to integrate this with a service like fakespot?
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@iamjustinm Not at the moment, but something I will definitely look into, thanks Justin!
I would say that's the way sites supposed to be. Although a lot of sites would disappear or go behind a pay wall. I'm currently experimenting with ublock origin for my firefox browser and that does a good job keeping everything "clean". The "moral doubt" feeling pops up now an then though. What are you extensions benefits compared to an adblocker?
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@tinustate Hey Tinus! Let me explain a little further my reasons for building this extension. I have Adblock enabled and for some reason, I noticed ad's on Amazon were still showing up, almost anywhere they could jam them, under side bars, under descriptions, even on user review pages. These all seemed to coming straight from Amazon and only linking to more things on Amazon. Especially the home page, bombarding sliders promoting various Alexa devices and shows on Amazon Prime, all of which i'm not interested in! I thought to myself, I come to amazon, to find what I need, read user reviews and check out. So by getting rid of all of the things they try to up sell us on, the shopping process was actually quite simple and streamlined! And as for the moral dilemma you mention, Iv'e always been skeptical of the "Sponsored products" that appear at the top of results. For this reason I've removed them, and I don't feel bad about it. I come to Amazon to find the products I'm looking for, not to have products that pay money to Amazon for promotion to be the first thing in my face. Ultimately I thought to myself what do I hope to achieve coming to buy something on amazon? I want to be able to find what I'm looking for with no bias! Thank you for check it out!
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Nice work @radymek! I love this idea and I’m about to go get my computer at 4AM to try it out. Can’t wait to see how it changes my experience on Amazon & what comes next. Cheers!
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@3raxton Thanks Braxton! I've had it enabled for about a week on chrome and accidentally opened up a link on safari, the difference is overwhelming!
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Well done, such a relief! But I wish it worked in other countries, too. Any chance you'll enable it on other TLDs (like .de)?
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@lemillensink exactly my thoughts. Will it work on the amazon german market?
@lemillensink @baidoct Hey both! As I mentioned below it currently only only supports, I'll be adding support for localized pages soon Appreciate the feedback!
@lemillensink @baidoct Also I'm currently in the process of adding other TLDs, I've added .de and will push the update soon, what other TLDs would you guys like included?
@lemillensink @baidoct Hey both, updated and added support for .de, keep in mind I haven't gone through localized pages entirely, if you find anything that doesn't look right, please contact me! Thanks!
@radymek Amazing, thank you! works like charm 👏
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The new style this extension offers most everything you could want from a minimalistic Amazon! I would enjoy the option of having a few "ads" on the home page, with the same minimal layout seen throughout. Product recommendations often come in clutch for me.


Very fresh layout. Product and search pages are exactly how they should be.


The homepage is a bit too bare for my likings.

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Appreciate it Kalia! Thanks for the kind words, would love to have some sort of home page customization for toggling sections on / off in the future FYI , I agree with you on the recommendations coming in clutch sometimes and Amazon does a pretty good aggregating them They can still be accessed here with the same minimal look!