Amazon Flex

Make $18–25/hr delivering packages for Amazon

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Tom Kinniburgh
Mobile Guru, Founder, Gamer
Could you be using Uber and Flex at the same time in order to double your income?
Adam Pittenger
Founder @movedapp
@kinnth Better yet - you'll be delivering your Etsy creations to customers via Amazon Flex in your UberRV in which you rent out the back room to people on Airbnb. #NewEconomy
Ed Shelley
Monetization @Pitch
Launching in Seattle. Coming soon to Manhattan, Baltimore, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Portland.
Adam Cochran
Growth@DuckDuckGo, Amateur maker
This is a pretty clever move by Amazon - it should allow them to scale up same-day deliveries across the US pretty quickly!
Tori Bunte
PMM, HPE Storage
This is interesting. With Ontrac deliveries in San Jose, I've had Amazon packages dropped off by what appear to be "civilians." It's pretty bizarre for customers who don't realize that their packages could be delivered by the average joe, but with Amazon Flex it seems like they'll be very clearly employed (well, contracted) by Amazon, so it'll provide a more comfortable experience than what I've had happen with Ontrac.
Adam Greenwald
Father | Writer | Altruistic Founder
Why do you only have to have an android phone for this?
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