Always Reading

Queue up articles and schedule when you want to read them.

The way it works is you add all the articles you've got saved up and then set up a schedule for how often you'd like to be sent one of these articles.

We'll then send you an email, based on your schedule, with a link to the next article in your list. Once you read the link, we'll mark it read and queue up the next one!

We have a chrome ext too!

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Nice, @imjonathanclift @benwh! I've been looking for a tool similar to this for a while. How'd you come up with the concept?
Hey @lamaalrajih great stuff! It was a bit of a "scratching your own itch" scenario really. We've both fallen into the trap of storing up things we want to read in lots of different places like emails, to do lists, note taking apps and bookmarking apps etc but the list just grows and you rarely go back and read them. So we thought one way to solve this would be to allow you to add all these articles into some kind of scheduler that prompts you to read your articles via email. This hopefully encourages you to get into a reading habit and ensures articles you added a long time ago stay on the radar. It's also pretty cool if you have a long list of articles already, you can drop them into Always reading and you've got a reading schedule set up for a long time going straight into your inbox. Thanks for checking it out! Lets us know how you get on using the tool and if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it :)
@imjonathanclift Really like it so far. Would love to be able to import links to articles from Pocket, as well as customize scheduling for different days of the week. How many articles does it send me every time?
This is a brilliant, much-needed tool! Please add ways to customize schedule, that'd be awesome.