A design tool built for cross-functional product teams

Alva is a digital design tool for cross functional teams.

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Bryce Daniel
Perpetual Side Hustler
At first I thought great do we really need another sketch-like design tool. But then But then I realize that this is so much more. I like that design and engineering are starting to overlap more.
JordanUI & UX Designer
Read this post and their site, still no idea why Alva is any different than Sketch or other UI tools.. 'Radically new' how? 'Cross-functional design teams' what is that?
Jeroen Ransijn
Product Engineer @ Airtable
Hi @prolax, there are a couple of interesting differences between Sketch and Alva. This tool is not using a SVG based rendering engine, but instead relies on React components. Which mean you can keep one source of truth of your design system. Note that this might work well for building out web application and products, but probably not so much for traditional graphic and vector design. Cross-functional design team, in this context means that a lot of times designers, engineers and product people work together on the same team. This is sometimes called being embedded in product or engineering teams. On those teams you are essentially working towards the same goal or product. It's challenging however if you need to recreate everything in Sketch and in code for the final product. Again this is the source of truth problem for your design system. In some cases this still makes sense, but as the gap is getting closer between design and code, tools such as Alva and Compositor are pushing the agenda on designing with code. These are just my opinions. I am not involved in this project, just passionate about design tools ;)
Customer Support Advisor at Homesnap

Clicking on Create new page and New Project seems to do nothing. I was looking forward to trying this out but, I'm disappointed that it's not a functional app.




Opened the application, selected the Homepage demo and nothing appears even though the assets are listed.

Tilman FrickProduct Lead at Meet Alva
Hey Javi! We are very sorry to hear that. Can you have a look into the console (Menu: View > Toggle Developer Tools) and report it as an issue on Github? Then we can take a look into it. Thank you very much!
Jeremy Bauer
Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
This looks great! Pretty cool that it’s open source too 🔓✨🙌
Jerome LoveCompass Point CMO
Excited that this is based on react.js but so far it's been underwhelming. I'm unable to create new pages or projects to dive in. Looks promising, but unusable at this stage.