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Hey guys, Ryan Cash here – the founder of Snowman (the company behind Alto's Adventure). Happy to answer anyone's questions about the game :) Ryan
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Hey @ryanacash - I've just lost another 15 minutes, which is great - but I noticed that on the iPhone6 the game is an absolute battery killer. Something you might want to see if you can optimise.
@ryanacash Love this game, what other elements have you thought about adding? Btw, I love elders in real life - not so much in the game when they whip lol
@ryanacash I just want to say how amazing this game is. It is one of the only apps I have ever bought and would LOVE to see what you can do next! I was wondering if you had any provision of bringing it to the mac? That would be absolutely AMAZING!
@pallav_agarwal Nothing to announce at the moment, but glad to hear you're loving it! The next thing we've announced is www.wherecardsfall.com
@ryanacash great game. It´s so engaging that I don´t know when to give up. BTW, my favorite character is Felipe.
Beautiful looking game. Reminds me of another iOS game, Powder.
@rrhoover I talked to the devs a while ago at Enormo.us and looked at their site, I love their visual style, Alto's Adventure looks gorgeous as well. I really love this geometric flat style.
@rrhoover @achangeofcoast Thanks for the Powder shout out dudes! Alto's Adventure is great. I was playing it for mad long last night. The dynamic weather system is top notch.
@rrhoover God that's beautiful. Have you ever played Tiny Wings? In many ways, it looks like a gameplay prototype of Alto's :) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... People who like Alto's might also be into Canabalt, a sort of minimalist take on the infinite-scrolling-jumper genre: http://www.adamatomic.com/canabalt/
@rrhoover @staringispolite You guys must not play many iPhone games, Those games are nothing compared to how similar this game is to Ski Safari https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... I am surprised not a single person brought this up so far
@rrhoover @staringispolite @ezrasuki Yea, that was my first thought. It's Ski Safari with more modern indie game graphics, and some killer sound and atmosphere. I quickly bought it, and it did not disappoint.
Absolutely gorgeous.
I just tried this out for a minute... which turned into 20 minutes. This is really good. It's gorgeous. Great work!
@jmeistrich Same experience here. Reminds me of TinyWings crossed with Monument Valley (that's quite a compliment!).
@jmeistrich @clogish Just mentioned Tiny Wings above! Great minds :) Wish someone would open-source the physics/hills engine part, so I could play a ton of these games.
beautifully executed. I entered zen mode immediately.
@jtriest Me too! Super relaxing!