Alto Mail

The new email client by AOL

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This looks very Google Now / Material Design-esque. Not necessarily a bad thing. The real question though: do push notifications come with the "You've got mail" sound byte?
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Does it say "You've Got Mail" when you open it w/ unread? If not, can that be a user option please.
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@jsneedles Well, it's funny that people really like that ;-) Who knows, we might add a "retro" setting soon ;-)
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@waterkant @jsneedles And I'd like my old screen name back from 1996 as I said in another messages. "You've got mail" would be shockingly brilliant but be sure to get the localization right :) The fact that it's an AOL email client makes it retro out of the box. I'd move way from other clients in favor of this. As for Gmail, that sucks. All we need now is Excite for search and we're set for Christmas.
BOOM! Love it. All I need now for Christmas is my old screen name/email address back from 1996 when I worked at AOL.
@paul__walsh DM me on twitter and I can see what I can do about your screenname
Not hopeful it will take me away from Gmail but good shot "Inbox by Gmail" style
@ourielohayon I'd be curious to know what makes you loyal to Gmail to keep you with it. As for Inbox, we did a web version of Alto long before them that was quite well received. I suppose the good news is the SEO for the current version knocked all the rave reviews for it off a quick Google search. Tthis has been a passion project for a lot of people for a while, and we're all thrilled for it to have great set of mobile clients now.
@arlo speed and search.
@ourielohayon Duly noted. :-) Our next gen search will be amazing. I'm curious where speed is a gating issue, so feel free to vent about what you experienced. We're constantly tuning it too, but it tends to be more helpful for older devices.
@arlo @ourielohayon gmail notifications arrive at lightspeed. any other mail app arrives with min 10 sec delay.
@ourielohayon Probably the same as Safari being faster than any other browser on iOS. Do we really need to get an email a few seconds faster. I'm not convinced. In fact, how about a client that allows you to delay the sending of emails - so you get a chance to rethink/delay a knee-jerk reaction :)