Alto 2.0 for iOS

Email organized for you from AOL

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Looks a bit like @AOL's answer to @Google's Inbox, but, in all honesty, the only way I'd download an app from AOL would be if it was some retro reboot xp of AOL circa 1999, telling me "You've Got Mail!" for all the updates I missed in the 'Sk8board Kidz' chatroom.
@elizabethhunker why? AOL is not your fathers AOL anymore. Give it a try. And besides: alto has been around since before googles inbox ... ;-)
From the release notes: We completely redesigned Alto to be a first class experience on iOS! What do we mean by that? We mean that we used traditional navigation metaphors, made the most valuable actions reachable by thumb, fine-tuned our color palette, embraced San Francisco as our font, laid out and resized elements so they have a natural visual hierarchy of importance... and all around just gave this thing a major iOS-ification!
@bentossell wow question of the day : will AOL be great again?
@noxowe maybe if they can buy Slack and change the name to AIM!
@noxowe @bentossell we are already great! ;-)
@waterkant @noxowe @bentossell Customers decide if a company's great again, not its employees.
@matsabrahamsen It starts with them though. Employees that is. If you don't believe in what you are doing, you might as well stop doing it...
I am using Alto mail on the web from almost an year and I love it! Is the new version supported on the web? I see the website promoting Android and iOS versions but web app is not shown anywhere. Are you trying to deprecate the web app by any chance?
@adeekshith why would I depreciate the web app? This is the 2.0 version for iOS. I'll add ios to the name so its clear
@adeekshith web app is in beta. More to come very soon!
@waterkant Cool, great to hear that. Will be looking forward. Only thing thing I was missing in the web app is in browser notifications. I hope it will make it to the next version. Thanks! 😃
@adeekshith that will be supported in the next update.
Insert Jumanji gif here:
A nice app, I gave it numerous tries but I guess it couldn’t hold. I received the “Goodbye” email yesterday.