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Astonishing that they haven't been hunted yet. Especially since it shares one of my most favorite uses cases with PH. Finding all the popular alternatives/products for a specific app. Always check AlternativeTo as well as PH when I look for a product and what options I have (for example text editors).
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@chdrakon wow I never even checked, just assumed
@gabriel__lewis What do you mean? What did you assume? (LOL, never mind, got it. It's still early in Europe ^^)
Actually I think it solves the "give me all options to one tool" still better than PH. I actually struggled a bit with finding all the text/code editors that are being used on PH. At AlternativeTo I just had to search for one tool I know to find a lot of other options (http://alternativeto.net/softwar...).
@chdrakon Same, never checked :D And I use this tool from time to time :)
@chdrakon I'm guessing because they've been around for ages and ages. Normally PH is only newish products, though a few exceptions like this sneak through.
One the most amazing thing about AlternativeTo is their SEO ranking. They're absolutely everywhere on "Alternative to {product}" which is probably #1 factor of traction for this kind of product.
So alternative to PH is AlternativeTo?
I'm using them almost daily