Alternative Hunt

Learn about great alternative products as you browse the web

The Alternative Hunt Chrome Extension will automatically find alternatives (from ProductHunt) of the website you are currently visiting. The extension will show a notification alert when alternatives are available.

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Hi Product Hunt! Do you have a habit of searching for alternative products on Product Hunt before making up your mind, then look no further, this nifty chrome extension can make your life much easier. Alternative Hunt is a chrome extension to find the alternatives of website/product you are currently visiting. Kudos to PH Team for making Product Hunt API available. This extension would not have been possible without it! Happy to answer any questions, and I'd love to hear your feedback.
Clever idea, @__mohit!
@rrhoover Thanks! It's so great to hear from you.
Not gonna lie, I decided to download the extension because I can see you are using the Brave browser 😆
@phillipprado Thanks! Brave rocks! 😃
Cool idea :) Works great for me.