Alphahōm Care Go

Personal alarm designed for your peace of mind

Care Go™ helps you reach your loved ones with a simple pull when in trouble. A bluetooth tracker too so you never lose anything.
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We designed this product to offer people the peace of mind. Care Go™ is made for everyday use. A powerful bluetooth 5 gadget that can tell your loved ones your real-time whereabouts.
What this needs is a pepper spray or stun gun built into it. To truly give a sense of more safety.
@rfoenix Thanks Robert for your suggestion.
Why someone should buy a device while many such mobile applications are out there for free with same features?
@new_user_342571bdd3 Hi Amit, sometimes it's really hard to reach your phone when you are in an emergency (iPhone has a complicated SOS activation). In certain situations, it's even dangerous to show your phone --- hence we developed a way for people to send out alerts in a discreet manner.