Sunrise & sunset reminders & crowdsourced alerts

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I'm all about sunrise and sunset apps, but I'm having a hard time determining what sets this app apart from the countless others. Can you share what makes it unique and why we should use yours?
@scottwyden Great one Scott. Totally right, I have a bunch of these apps myself, probably too many! Right now apart from the crowdsourced ratings and alerts Alpenglow sends out using those, theres probably little that is unique to set it apart right now. v1.0 was to see if the whole crowdsourcing side of things would work, with plans to potentially hook into services like to add another layer of data once they open up an API along with some other new features that I believe other apps aren't doing. The alerts themselves require the ratings from users so the app does have a little chicken and egg problem, without users theres no ratings and without ratings will there be users? So backing that up with other data along with finding other ways to get the ratings are on my list to explore next. :)
Congrats on the launch! Been using the beta and have been enjoying it. The notification is helpful, reminds me to look outside!
@bangner Thanks so much for helping test it out. :)
Nice, @ay8s! Useful tool for photographers (cc'ing a couple of them: @stevesi, @tzhongg, @shreebobnish).
@rrhoover @stevesi @tzhongg @shreebobnish Thanks Ryan. :) Already kicked off work for the next update with some tweaks so would love any feedback! :)
@ay8s @rrhoover @stevesi @shreebobnish thanks for the tag, Ry! downloading now :)
@tzhongg Would love any thoughts. :) Planning to make the app useful even when opening nowhere near sunrise/sunset. Right now you can dive in and get a little disappointed as you don't get anything useful from it initially.
Incorporating the magic hour for photographers and sending notifications would be awesome! For those that don't know, the golden hour (sometimes known as magic hour, especially in cinematography) is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky.
@ryanmtaylor Thanks Ryan! That's one thing it's lacking right now are the actual times. It reminds you ahead of time but I'm not currently showing them in the app. Will look at adding those in for v1.1. :)
@ay8s My photographer collaborator and I spent too much time in the last 2 days looking for an app that would do exactly this. We are still looking unfortunately but being that we are in Los Angeles, it might help film students/photographers/etc. manage light without the added expense of additional lighting. Looking forward to future updates.
@ryanmtaylor So you're ideally looking for it to display the Magic Hour times and perhaps reminders ahead of time?
@ay8s I am looking for an app that does that, your app just seems like it could do it already based on what I see.
If anyone follows me on Instagram or Twitter they may know I love shooting sunsets, if I'm out near sunset I'm usually looking up and checking out the clouds etc to gauge if its going to be a good one or not. Alpenglow has been in the making for a while and stems from an idea I had when Exposure released Golden Hour. a few years ago. It's kind of an experiment early on to see if the app gets enough ratings and if the alerts Alpenglow sends out will be useful as they could be sent out midway through a sunrise/sunset etc. I've been super surprised by the usage during the beta builds alone so I'm hopeful. I'm also chatting to a few people about sunrise/sunset forecast models to add even more ways to include ratings. Along with exploring hashtags on Twitter, Instagram etc.. along with including the ability to upload photos. Would love to hear any feedback :)