Alpaca Dashboard

The Open Source Mobile Trading App

Alpaca Dashboard is meant to be an extremely minimal skeleton app for you to change things around by adding features and refining the designs. The app connects to the API-first commission-free stock brokerage, Alpaca.

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6 Reviews5.0/5
When the Android version?
@lgarulli hopefully in next couple of months!!
@lgarulli actually the preliminary version of the android can come next week 😉
@yokokawa244 There is exactly all you need, nice touch the "Emergency" panel. Thank you guys!

I love Alpaca and I believe they have a huge potential filling an empty space of ZERO COMMISSIONS trading via API. Sweet.


Zero commissions, nice API, wonderful team


Still a young company, with all the pros/cons of that

We built this app hoping that it will (1) help you monitor your algorithms activities on-the-go and manually take actions in emergency situations, and (2) be a starting point for you to build your own apps. Please check out its code in full open-sourced on this GitHub repo here.
I love the usability of it, however the iOS version doesn’t run on Mac. I’ve tried several times, install all dependencies.