Aloe Bud

Aloe Bud is your self-care pocket companion.

Aloe Bud for iOS is a self-care pocket companion

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7 Reviews4.3/5
Love the pixel art. Very nostalgic as someone that grew up on SNES/Genesis.
@rrhoover Thank you!!! and very much same. I also used to obsessively play an MMORPG called Maplestory as a teen and it was a huge inspiration to me!
@amberdiscko ooh, Maplestory! Similar browser-based game: my brother used to play Runescape all the time.
Hope to see it soon for android too!
@maxiride Hope to be working on an Android version later this year depending on the success of our iOS app :D
backed this Kickstarter. glad to see it come to life!
I remember hearing about this when the Kickstarter launched! I'm excited to try it out. Love the design. Looks both calming and fun. 🌱💆‍♂️✨
I’ve been beta testing this app for over a month and because of that I’ve been drinking more water + going to bed on time! I love the cute notifications and it’s very helpful for me to stay on top of my mental health.